Police still searching for missing woman

Hannibal Police are asking again for your help to find a young woman, missing since Friday.

Investigators have been following every lead to find 21-year-old Christina Whittaker of Hannibal.

Eyewitnesses last saw her around midnight Friday when she was asked to leave Rookies Sports Bar in Hannibal.

Since then police have searched outlying areas as well as the Mississippi River on Tuesday, looking for any clues into her disappearance.

Captain Jim Hark with the Hannibal Police Department says investigators have followed every lead, even into other cities and with the help of other agencies.

But now they're out of leads...and are asking for your help to find this missing woman.

What is the Hannibal Police Department doing to find Christina Whittaker?

Captain Hark said, "We have our entire detective division working on this case. We've followed every lead. Right now we have no reason to suspect foul play but we're not ruling it out because we just don't know."

Captain Hark says Whittaker has been listed on the Nationwide network of missing persons since she was reported missing.

Whittaker has a six month old baby at home.

Anyone with information regarding Christina or her whereabouts should contact the Hannibal Police Department at 573-221-0987.