Police on the lookout for the Fatal Four on prom night

The Illinois State Police will be out in full force during the weekends of April.

It's their mission to prevent the nation's largest epidemic on the roads, especially during prom season.

Trooper Mike Kindhart says distracted driving is the number one cause of traffic crashes in the country. That along with DUIs, speeding, and not wearing a seat belt make up the "Fatal Four."

"In our five counties in District 20, we felt like our prom and graduation season [last year] went fairly well. We've had some extreme tragedies in the past around prom season, here locally, close to home. And we feel one driving fatality is one too many. We want this prom season to be a safe and joyous one without tragedy," Kindhart said.

Kindhart used a vehicle rollover simulator to show the different affects a rollover crash could have on you if you're buckled in versus not. In the first scenario with a seat belt, the passengers were more likely to receive minor injuries while staying in the seated position. Without a seat belt, the occupants of the car were ejected from the car.

"It is now mandatory for everyone in the vehicle to wear their seat belt. Think about the safety, not only of yourself but of others. If I'm wearing a seat belt and another person is not, if we're in a car crash, there's a possibility that person can become the pinball if you will, that's going to be the person that will hurt me, kill me. We want the safety of everyone in the car, everyone involved," Kindhart said.

New laws in Illinois will pin the driver of the car with hundreds of dollars in fines if passengers are found not buckled up. That's if the driver is under the age of 18. Anyone older is responsible for themselves.

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