Police in Pike County, Ill. search for missing hunter

Richard Chapman, middle, with his friends on both sides.

A Virginia deer hunter spent the night lost in the woods of eastern Pike County, Ill. after he fell into a ravine.

Richard M. Chapman, 54, of Duffield, Va. fell Sunday while hunting near Florence, Ill., Sheriff Paul Petty said.

"He fell out of the stand and got disoriented," Petty said. "He isn't hurt, but he had a long night and he's thirsty."

Chapman was dehydrated and cold, but didn't suffer any injuries, Petty said.

The Pike County Sheriff's Department received the initial call about 9:30 p.m. Sunday. The crew searched for more than five hours before it was suspended until daylight.

The search resumed Monday morning with volunteers, police and rescue workers.

He was located after about an hour and a half. He was found hunkered down in the brush.

He told investigators that he fell down a deep ravine when he became disoriented and confused as to his exact location.