Points of Interest: Spirit Knob Winery

When you are out on your inevitable summer journey, there is another destination that you should put on your map.

Just northwest of Ursa, you can find a spot to relax and enjoy a glass of wine, the great outdoors, and sometimes even a show.

Not to mention the view lets you see a great portion of the Tri-State area.

Spirit Knob Winery all began in the basement of Matt Shulte's house.

"It started in 2002, I actually was making wine before that in the 90s and planted a vineyard in the late 90s. And got licensed to sell in 2002, and we did that out of the basement in our house for four or five years," said Shulte.

Over the years, this winery has won more than 100 medals.

"We like to say the award winning wines might bring you here, but the warmth and hospitality will make you stay," said Shulte.

People come from around the region just to take in the atmosphere.

Spirit Knob is located on a bluff, giving you a view for miles while you take it all in.

"The biggest thing for people as they come up here, they are more than welcome to walk the vineyard, on special events, or occasions, we do wine tours. We don't do them every day, but we definitely do them periodically and we will advertise when we are going to do a wine tour," said Shulte.

Shulte says they have a number of bands roll through for performances, bringing in sometimes 300 people at a time.

"It's a thing of passion and love. I mean, that's like any industry or any business. If you love what you're doing, you are going to enjoy the business that you're in. And we do love an enjoy the business that we are in," said Shulte.