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      Points of Interest: Lincoln's New Salem Historic Site

      It is summertime, and it's time to enjoy the sun and the open road. There is one road trip that could bring you back to a time period where simplicity ruled the neighborhood.

      That's right ... back to a time before computers and social media.

      It's the village of Lincoln within the land of Lincoln.

      If you had the chance to see the stomping grounds of Abraham Lincoln, would you take it?

      Lincoln's New Salem State Historic Site brings you back in time to a town our 16th president lived in during the 1830s.

      "When you walk out of this historic center, you walk back in time ... you are walking back into an 1830s village where people are out there working, people are tending to the livestock and they are also interpreting how they would have lived in the 1830s," Historic site manager Tim Guinan said.

      All of the houses here in the exact same spot as they were when Lincoln lived here. They were recreated in the1930s based off of a design of R.J. Onstot, a person who lived there during the same time period as Lincoln.

      "We get visitors from all over the world here. Our guest books out there, people like going through it, because really when you go through it, you never know who is going through there from what part of the world. We get a lot of local people, too. People come from Springfield and Jacksonville, and Beardstown," Guinan said.

      If walking in Honest Abe's footsteps is in your interests or even understanding a life riddled with technology, New Salem awaits a visit.

      "We are the number one visited historical society in the state of Illinois. Our visitation is over 400 thousand a year. So needless to say, we have a lot of people coming through here every year," Guinan said.

      The historic site has a suggested donation for its visitors. Kids are suggested at two dollars, adults at four or a family at ten dollars.

      More information about the site can be found on their website.