Points of Interest: Cameron Cave

You'll love a tour through Cameron Cave.

If you're looking for a nice place to cool off, or just a cool place to visit, you don't have to go far from home.

KHQA showcases another quick trip that's a Tri-State Point of Interest.

This Point of Interest isn't far from home. In fact, it's in Hannibal. You do have to be able to walk a mile on rough terrain to take part. If that's you, you'll love a tour through Cameron Cave.

"This is my first time in a cave," Adam Bennett-Hedges said.
And what a good choice of cave.

Cameron Cave is the seemingly less popular sister cave of Mark Twain Cave. Adam Bennett-Hedges is visiting with his grandparents who enjoy visiting caves ... this is not their first, but it is their first time in Cameron.

"Each cave has it's own particular thing about it," Jim Dandurand, who is visiting from Kankakee, IL said.
And here's Cameron's unique point.

"All natural. Everything is like it was millions of years ago." Owner of the Mark Twain Cave Complex, Linda Colebeard said.

"I like the fact that it hasn't been altered. There are no lights," Pat Dandurand, who is also visiting from Kankakee, said.

"You can see the paths made of rock. It's awesome," Adam Bennett-Hedges, who is visiting a cave for the first time said.

"People should come here because it is in it's most pristine state," Linda Colebeard said. "There are no additions."

With the exception of a couple of handrails for safety, this cave is untouched. So what can you expect on a tour of Cameron Cave?

"They can expect to get dirty because they may brush up against the wall and get dirt on their shirt, but it washes off," Peter Lebron, a Cave Tour Guide said.

"They give us these little LED flashlights so we can light our paths," Pat Dandurand said excitedly.

"If someone wondered off the tour route, they'd very likely get lost," Lebron said.

The tour guides find their way through the cave using natural markers like The Teapot, named for its shape. There's also Buttermilk Falls, The Titanic ... now in 3-D, and the Bear's Den ... but there are no bears.

"No snakes, snakes don't like the cold. There are no spiders," Lebron said.
But there are bats. "The bats come out of nowhere."

They won't hurt you though because they aren't there for you, they are there for the bugs like cave crickets and cave flies you'll see on the tour. And you can just about bet, you'll see at least one bat. And if you're really brave ...

"We do have the option, at one point, of going through a passage that is three foot tall and a foot and a half wide," Lebron said. "You can crawl through it if you'd wish."

Chad did it, you don't have to, but when else are you going to have the experience of crawling through a tiny passage in a cave? Cameron Cave is only open Memorial Day through Labor Day. There are four tours a day starting at ten in the morning. Missouri is full of caves, but this is one of the only show caves in the world that is open to the public.

And it's a good place to cool off in the summer.

Cameron Cave is a steady 56 degrees, no matter how hot it is outside.