Poetic winter whimsy in superintendent's cancellation voice mail

For two straight days of snow, wind and single digit temperatures, parents and students in the Monroe City School District were met with the staid voice of Superintendent Jim Masters.

"The following message is from School Reach ..."

On the third day, Masters got creative.

"I was out driving the roads and got to thinking this was the third time around, I just wanted to do something different," he said. "I thought, 'Maybe it will get people to listen."

When he returned to his office, Masters hammered out the ditty at his desk that would greet early risers and voice mail listeners in the district.

"Twas the night before Wednesday and across all Monroe, moms, dads and students wanted to know, "Would school be in session? To be out is a pity. But everyone knows, that driving conditions are ... pretty bad."

Click here to listen on YouTube.

Parents and students in the district posted messages on social media.

Masters says the response has been positive and added that he hasn't ruled out doing more similar messages in the future.

"I think it's possible to get really serious in the work that we do educating our students, and we forget to have a little fun," Masters said.

With negative temperatures predicted for Thursday, it's unclear whether students will stay home for a fourth day. As for whether Masters will repeat his poetic performance, he said listeners will just have wait to find out.

"It was a lot of fun, and I think we'll probably take another shot at it."