Playground benefit to be held in honor of tiny flash flood victim

Malachi Smith's death is turned into a positive situation through the fundraiser.

When two-year-old Malachi Smith tragically passed away in June in a flash flood, his parents decided to turn the situation into a positive one.

A benefit will be held in Malachi's name to raise money for a new playground on September 28.

The event will be held in the Knights of Columbus Hall in Mt. Sterling.

From noon to midnight, visitors can take in an acoustic show, a DJ, a silent auction, children's games as well as a band for the evening performance, NOVA VI.

Malachi's mother, Tara Holterfield, wants people to remember her son for his positive personality.

"Whenever he passed away, and all I could think about was him and how positive he always was, he was such a joy. He didn't know a stranger, everybody loved him. He would go up to complete strangers, and you know, everybody loved him. He was just so fun all the time and he to play," Holterfield said.

The memorial benefits chairman, Emily Smith is glad to see this benefit come together.

"I think it's going to be very important not only for Malachi's mom and dad but for just the family and just the community in general. I mean it was just a tragic, tragic loss that the whole community suffered. And you know we're trying to make something really really good come out of this," Smith said.

Ultimately, Holterfield and Smith would like to raise around $20,000 for the playground, which would be located in Versailles, Illinois.

Any additional money raised, Holtefield said, will be used for a scholarship fund for children to participate in activities that they normally couldn't afford.

Some of the raffle items include a Stevens Savage Model 350 12 gauge gun, and a Ruger 380 LCP handgun, and much more.

Raffle tickets can be bought for $1 each or six for $5.

For more information on the memorial benefit, you can visit the Facebook page for the event, or you can contact Tara Holterfield, at 217-491-7428.

In honor of Malachi, there is also another fundraiser going on, through Lindsey Wagner, a 31 consultant.

Wagner is donating 100 percent of her profits if bought through her Malachi Smith Memorial Playground Fundraiser.

You can also visit the 31 party fundraiser Facebook event page for more information.