Busted bracket? You could still win! Pick a new 16-team bracket



With our John Wood "Find Your Path" Bracket Challenge, you can still play for a chance to win even if your bracket is busted!

Simply log back into the contest by clicking here.

Then click on the 'my picks' tab and then the '16-team' tab.

Pick your teams and save your bracket - but be sure to do so before Thursday, 3/22, at 5 p.m.!

It's college basketball time!

Register and play our John Wood "Find Your Path" Bracket Challenge.

Fill out a bracket and you could win a prepaid gift card. You can even add your office pool as a private or public group and invite those taking part!

Plus, you can compare your bracket picks to KHQA Chris Duerr's as well as other VIPs.

This contest is sponsored locally by John Wood Community College.

Fill out your bracket here.

Read the official rules here.

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