Play it smart this Cyber Monday


Cyber Monday ... the much hyped online holiday shopping season, may be little more than a clever marketing ploy.

Cyber Monday is catching up to Black Friday sales.

Consumers spent a record $32.6 Billion dollars online last year.

Analysts expect double digit growth rates this year.

Here are three shopping strategies that will help you play it smart.

First, be skeptical. Many of the deals you'll find on Cyber Monday may be available throughout the holiday season. Don't feel pressure to buy.

Another tip | do your research. You can compare prices with little more than a mouse click. So, make a list of the must-have's on your wishlist and visit sites like or

Finally, stack those coupons. One coupon is great, but two is even better. Go to or promotional codes dot com to download coupons and shipping discounts from various retailers.

Spending a few hours online, in the comfort of your own home or office could save you big time in the long run.

This year you can expect early sales and limited inventory for the holiday shopping season.