Plans moving ahead for Newcomb Hotel

Photo Credit: File photo

Pieces of the puzzle are falling in line for the Newcomb Hotel building in downtown Quincy.

The current owner owes the city $410,000 for a loan and more than $35,000 in taxes.

The city will be paid back in full by a new developer who wants to turn the historic building into assisted living apartments.

The new developer is 3 Diamond Development LLC, and it is getting tax credits to get the project off the ground.

City Planner Chuck Bevelheimer tells KHQA he's very optimistic about the project, but points out its not a done deal.

"It will be a great relief not only for this department but because we're worried about the building itself. It's a great historic property and unfortunately, the longer it sits idle, unheated, unoccupied, the more opportunity or probability something will happen that would cause it to have to come down," says Bevelheimer.

Bevelheimer says if the puzzle pieces continue to fall into place, construction will most likely start in the spring or summer.