Plane crash sends pilot to the hospital

Crop-spraying plane crashes into corn field

Investigators from the Federal Aviation Administration arrived in Hancock County to investigate a plane that crashed Monday afternoon.

Hancock County Sheriff Scott Bentzinger said the pilot had just loaded his crop spraying-plane with insecticide.

He took off from a nearby grass runway, but was not able to get enough lift on the plane.

"He was unable to get completely off the ground and make a successful takeoff," Bentzinger said. "He ended up dumping the chemical out to try and get the lift and ended up striking a pile of dirt on the side of a pond and then the plane flipped end over end into the cornfield."

Sheriff Bentzinger said the man was able to walk away from the crash, but was taken to the Blessing Hospital in Quincy as precaution.

The pilot was transported by Air Evac to Blessing Hospital in Quincy.

His name and condition are not being released at this time.