Pittsfield water project

Residents may not notice much, but in a few months the city of Pittsfield will have a new water source.

We stopped in Tuesday, June 15th to check on the project, which began last November.

Wells have been drilled and roughly 16 and a half miles of pipe have been laid to bring a new source of water to Pittsfield.

Workers are building a new water treatment plant just west of the city limits.

Water will come from wells now instead of the Pittsfield Lake.

The project is about 75% finished. It's expected to be ready by December.

"Well, I think primarily, more consistency in the water quality. We're not taking water out of the lake anymore, with the chemicals that are used to treat the water. So it's going to be a lot more consistent," said Pittsfield Economic Development Director Bill McCartney.

In the long run, the new system will be a cheaper water source because not as many chemicals will be needed to treat the water.