Pittsfield students honoring the Heroes Among Us

The signs will include the name and military branch of the graduate alongside a yellow ribbon.

This Veteran's Day, Pittsfield High School students will honor the service and sacrifice of their local military men and women with a new addition to the town's square.

At a quick glance, they'll resemble a street sign, but a closer view will reveal the Heroes Among Us, signs engraved with the names of Pittsfield graduates now active in the military and the branches they serve.

"This is the top of our priority list of who to honor and who to recognize," Ali Nation, a senior said.

The project sponsored by the Future Farmers of America is made possible through community donations.

The groups hopes to get the first signs up by Veteran's Day on Nov. 11.

Students with local FFA chapter in Pittsfield say the Heroes Among Us project hits close to home. They've begun compiling a list of high school graduates who are actively serving in the military.

"I didn't even realize that, that many people were active," Frazier Curless, a senior said.

The list has grown to include more than 30 names.

"I didn't think there'd be that many people on the list, but now, after people have submitted their own names it was kind of mind blowing. Now, we're like, no we need the money," Josie Vanwinkle, a senior said.

Their goal is to raise more than $3,000 for signs and hardware for the list the school currently has. Names of the active military members will take priority and if enough money comes in, the FFA chapter will move on to people serving in the Reserve. It's a small reminder of the sacrifice all members of the military make.

"It's not only important to honor veterans but to also honor the people who are currently risking their lives and willing to give their lives up for us just on a daily basis," Curless said.