Pittsfield knocking down the problem of abandoned properties

The city of Pittsfield is taking action on abandoned properties.

The city has started a fix or flatten program to get the owners of the property to either fix or tear down three abandoned homes before the city has to take action.

As you can see from the picture above, weeds have literally overrun the yards and swallowed up the homes just like this one.

One of those homes is on Washington, one of the main streets through town.

Pittsfield Mayor John Hayden says that these abandoned homes not only bring property values down, they are are also a health and safety problem.

"It's not good for the neighborhood, it brings in a lot of rodents, but the main thing is we get the complaints," Mayor Hayden said. "And if they're not meeting the nuisance and weed ordinances, we start the program."

The property owners have until September to to do something before the city takes legal action.

At least one property owner has responded and says he will take down the house himself.