Pittsfield hosts health and resource fair

Pittsfield, Illinois hosts a health and resource fair

The City of Pittsfield hosted the Pike County Health and Resource Fair at the Crossroads Center Friday.

Many different types of healthcare and wellness specialists shared information about their services with the public.

Many Pike County residents got a chance to speak with a multitude of the specialists.

A Griggsville, Illinois resident, Steve Boze is at an age where he's constantly concerned about his health.

"I'm staring 60 in the face and, you know, not as young as I use to be and there's things that are different about, you know, that I need to know," Boze said.

Boze has diabetes and always looks for new services that could help him.

"I am diabetic and I have looked at the acupuncture and also chiropractic opportunities that help with that," Boze said.

Boze decided to attend an event that could tell him where to find those organizations.

"Well, this is the bi-annual Pike County Health and Resource Fair," Pike County Health Department Director of Nursing Jan Bleich said. "It's been every other year, I think for over ten years, and it's an opportunity for the community to learn about the local healthcare providers, social services, other resources within the region that people can take advantage of."

"We have some of our chiropractors, the hospitals, Quincy Medical Group, the Health Department has several booths," Bleich said.

And many people like Boze have a lot of questions for the fair's experts.

"People are asking about different ways they can stay healthier, whether it be looking for some new exercises they can do at home or an area fitness facility or maybe it's a small dietary change," Health Fair committee member Jennifer Mowen said.

Boze said he learned a lot more about the healthcare services that are provided in Pike County.

He also said he'll use that information to inform his relatives and friends when they need medical help.

"Also for myself and people that I know, that I could just say here's some information, try this," Boze said.

More than 70 exhibitors attended Friday's fair.