Pittsfield High School vandalized

Paint on the auditorium floor of Pittsfield High School.

The maintenance and custodial staff of Pittsfield High School will have their hands busy over the next couple of day cleaning up the vandalism left behind by two students.

The vandalism was discovered by two teachers who had come to to the school to work over the weekend.

The students dribbled paint on the floor and the stage of the auditorium.

They also spread a white powder over the stage and damaged at least one of the lighting support poles.

After a four hour investigation by the Pike County sheriff's Department , two juveniles, one male and one female, were arrested.

Deputies also discovered hundreds of dollars of stolen property including school property and items from students lockers.

Principal Angie Greger says the school has a plan in place to help the students get back their belongings.

"We're going to have the students look through their lockers on Tuesday when they report back to school," Greger said. "And then ask them to log anything in the office which they are missing. And then we will work on Wednesday to try to pair up the belongs, possessions with the students and the staff."

The two juveniles are at the Adams County Youth Home until a court date can be set later this week.

Principal Greger says the auditorium should be cleaned up and ready for Wednesday nights Baccalaureate ceremony.

She also wanted to say thank you to the teachers who discovered the vandalism and for the prompt response of the Pike County Sheriff's Department.