Pit mix quarantined after stranger stops dog attack

Blake was bitten on his back in several places

It was the first day of Spring.

Seven year-old Blake Andrews was finally able to take his scooter out for a ride in his neighborhood.

He was riding it around the northeast corner of 5th and Washington, in a parking lot, when a neighbor's dog got loose, and attacked Blake.

"The dog, when I was riding my scooter, it got out, and dragged me, off my scooter, and it started biting me," Blake said.

Billy Phelps and his son Collin happened to be driving past when the attack was happening, and managed to get the dog away from Blake.

"It was just an instinct thing," Billy said. "I didn't even think about what would happen if the dog would have turned on us or anything. Just seeing that little boy laying on the ground, screaming and crying, it was just an instant reaction, just pull over, stop and do something."

"I was happy when he got the dog off me because I didn't want to get bit no more," Blake recalled.

Blake's mom Megan is thankful both Phelps and his son arrived when they did.

"I couldn't imagine if it had been any worse," Megan said. "I don't think a mother should ever have to witness her son, any of her kids in that much fear, I'll never forget it, I'll never forget his face."

Phelps echoed Megan's statement.

"It would have been a whole lot worse, because I don't think the dog was anywhere close to stopping," Phelps said.

Megan is worried about the long term effects the attack could have on Blake.

"The damage is done," Megan said. "It's going to leave a lasting impression on him and it's going to be constant reminder."

Blake was bitten on his back in several places, and did not require surgery or stitches.

The Adams County Sheriff's Office described the dog as a "pit mix" and said this is the second incident involving this particular dog.

The dog is currently under a 10 day quarantine.

The Adams County Sheriff's Office would not release the name of the dog's owner as the investigation is ongoing.