Pike County residents worried about proposed power line project

Proposed routes for Clean Line energy projects.

A proposed power line project is raising worries and fears for some Northeast Missouri residents.

These concerned citizens are raising awareness about a proposed a power line project called the

"Grain Belt Express"

Clean Line Energy Partners out of Houston Texas wants to build a 750 mile long transmission line from western Kansas across Missouri and Illinois to Indiana.

Four to seven support towers between 110- and 200-feet-high would be built per mile along the path.

The orange lines on the map in the video above indicate potential routes the the transmission lines could take.

This private company wants public utility status which would then give them eminent domain authority.

That worries Allison Wolverton who retired to Pike County, Missouri and bought 63 acres of land with her husband less than 2-years-ago.

"With this proposal of course we're really concerned that if this would come to pass, that we might have a high power transmission pole, maybe 200 feet in the air, could come right through our meadows and through our valleys," Wolverton said.

The pasture land belonging to a long time Pike County farming family is in pristine valley.

Pike County resident Kenneth McCarthy says its natural beauty would be destroyed if the proposed plan goes through.

"The proposed route is actually coming along the 36 Highway corridor," McCarthy said. "It comes down through Audrain County which initially will end up in Pike County, Missouri. Which is here in this field. There would be several towers placed through here before it heads east into the state of Illinois."

The Pike County Commission has also withdrawn its support for the plan.

"We're not for the use of eminent domain," Eastern District Commissioner Curt Mitchell said. "They have indicated to us, Clean Line has indicated to us they would do everything they possibly can to negotiate rather than use that, but we know once a license is granted by the public service commission, they would have a license to do that."

Allison Wolverton struggles to find words to express her feelings if the plan goes through.

"I don't know. I really don't. It would certainly be a game changer for us and how we felt about the area that's for sure. And ... uh ... I really don't know."

If you live in Pike County and are interested in learning more about the project.

There will be a public information meeting at the Frankford City Hall Wednesday night (March 12) at 7 p.m.

Learn more about the opposition to this proposal