Pike County residents rebuilding after EF-2 tornado hits

A 12 mile trail through Pike County was damaged in Thursday's EF-2 tornado.

A 12 mile trail through Pike County was damaged in Thursday's EF-2 tornado. The National Weather Service confirmed that a tornado with winds around 120 miles per hour caused the damage.

Most of the damage occurred outside of Detroit, Ill.

Sergeant David Greenwood, of Pike County Sheriff's Office, says most of the damage in Pike County happened less than a fourth of a mile from each other.

One farmer also says it happened very quickly.

"I don't know how it didn't pick us up and I guess maybe it's because we were laying flat on the ground, I don't know, it didn't last 30 to 20, 30 seconds I don't know, then all of a sudden it was just gone," Tom Barger, Pike County resident said.

In that span of time, the tornado destroyed several buildings on Barger's property.

It moved the house off its foundation. And tore some siding off as well.

No tornado sirens went off during the event because the area was only under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning.

â??Tornado sirens would be sounded only if there was a warning, or if there was a watch in place. This storm was a thunderstorm, in essence there was not a tornado or even suspected tornado activity,â?? Paul Petty, the Sheriff of Pike County said.

Down the road is Park Livestock. Their hog confinement sustained a lot of damage as well.

The manager of that farm also says it was quick and very loud.

"The first thing I heard was Dave coming in and said "its sounds like a train I think it's a tornado" and then you can hear the whistling, the humming and the rattling and the shaking, and then we started seeing debris flying,â?? Cori Craig, Manager of Park Livestock said.

Barger is now rebuilding and is overwhelmed by the support of family, friends and neighbors.

"You don't know, you are getting me choked up again and to come together in times like this its just incredible," he explained.

Park Livestock is going to rebuild as well.

Craig added, â??Its my first month on the job, and this happens.â??