Pike County misconduct trial on hold

The case against Sheriff Paul Petty is on hold due to a conflict of interest

The misconduct case against Pike County, Illinois Sheriff Paul Petty is at a standstill.

Petty told KHQA that he appeared in court Monday afternoon, but that the case cannot proceed because of a conflict of interest.

The state's attorney's office serves as Petty's attorney, but also filed the charge against him.

The charge alleges that Petty, who is also the county's coroner, failed to tell the mortuary and other involved parties not to embalm the body of Shanda Lopez before toxicology samples were taken.

Lopez died in September 2012 as a result of a drug-induced homicide.

A new prosecutor will now be assigned to the case, and as a result, the next court date has not been set.

This comes on the same day that Pike County State's Attorney Carrie Boyd announced her resignation.