Pike County, Illinois: We're prepared for round two

Pittsfield customers wiped out most of the winter gear, including all of the snow shovels.

County highway crews in Pike County, Illinois are prepared to plow through round two early Tuesday morning.

"It's supposed to hit midnight on. We don't have enough manpower to run two crews, so we'll probably be in at 4 to 5 a.m. to try and help people get to work," Johnson said. "The storm that we had Thursday, we still don't have the trucks clean. So, we'll just be loaded and ready for this one."

Staff at Pittsfield's Farm and Home Supply will be on hand extra early Tuesday for the last minute rush of customers, but they won't find much on the shelves.

"Been pushing all the winter supplies to the front of the store because that's what people are looking for right now," Dustin Kurfman, store manager said.

Customers wiped out most of the winter gear, including all of the snow shovels.

"I doubt we'll see anymore snow shovels come in so, we're making due with what we have right now," Kurfman said.

"We've moved onto some feed shovels and scoop shovels that'll still do a good job," Eric Naughton, assistant store manager said.

One thing you won't have trouble finding is winter clothing. Gloves, jackets and hats will greet you right at the front door.

"We still have some de-icer left, windshield wiper fluid that'll get down into the negative temperatures. All the sleds we're completely out of," Naughton said.

The snow will make for a fun ride down the slopes for some, but county crews are in for a long day.

"Like any storm, we'll be loaded up, prepared, watching the weather. My guys run a long shift. They'll be covering about 124 miles," Johnson said.

The snow totals for the area continue to shift, but these plows are prepared to get it off the road when it comes.

"They go one way and come back, hit another road and come back. Like the storm the other day, it came down so fast, you'd come back to a route you'd already been on and could hardly tell you plowed it," Johnson said.

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