Pike County Illinois prohibits video gambling

A political squabble over liquor licenses and video gambling has a rural Pike County Illinois bar caught in the middle. The Copperhead Tavern outside New Canton is the only bar in the unincorporated sections of the county.

Recent votes by the county board denied the tavern the right to have video gambling machines. In the following month, the board voted to decrease the price of the a liquor license from 500 dollars to only 10 dollars.

Other Pike County Communities like Pittsfield and Barry have voted to allow bars to have gaming machines. Manager Beth Myers thinks it will hurt Copperhead's business.

Board member Mike Boren voted on these two issues. He thinks the vote to cheapen the cost of the liquor license was done to make up for the board's video gaming denial.

Boren voted to allow video gambling in Pike County. He said it wouldn't be fair to the tavern if they were the only ones affected.