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      Pike County Ill. schools seek facility sales tax increase

      On March 14, Pike County, Ill. voters will see a proposed sales tax increase on the ballot.

      Schools in Pike County will ask voters to approve a one-cent sales tax increase on items sold in Pike County.

      The sales tax increase could mean big things for Pike County schools.

      Each of the four school districts have proposed ideas of what they would consider doing with their district facilities.

      With a one cent per dollar sales tax, different projects include reducing property taxes, adding air conditioning, surveillance cameras, and future projects.

      The Interim Superintendent for Western School District Steve Goodman thinks it's an important measure.

      "It comes directly back, pro-rated back into the school districts," Goodman said. "And so that's very important, in my opinion. It's a user tax, so therefore, everybody shares in it, if anything."

      Numbers listed here indicate how much each school could potentially receive from the sales tax.

      Those numbers mean Griggsville-Perry could finish adding air conditioning to the six rooms in the middle school that don't have it.

      Superintendent Andrea Allen says it's an issue which sometimes causes the school to cancel due to heat.

      "This would allow us not to have to take those early dismissals or those interrupted days due to heat, if we had a more level playing field so to speak as far as the facilities are concerned," Allen said.

      If passed, the sales tax would start in July, and schools would start seeing revenue by October.

      Click here to see the outlined presentation on the sales tax.