Pike County hog confinement sees foul weather damage

According to Sheriff Petty, residents near Detroit reported damage to structures west of Detroit near Parks Livestock at approximately 2:47 p.m.

Pike County, Ill. Sheriff Paul Petty says that a hog confinement near Pittsfield sustained heavy damage in Thursday's storms.

Afternoon storms damaged Park Livestock at 44294 State Highway 106 between Pittsfield and Detroit in rural Pike County.

Manager Cori Craig said no hogs were injured in the incident. He and his employees were in their office at the hog confinement when the storm blew through.

"Somebody came yelling, 'I think there's a tornado.' I looked out the window, and I could see things twisting through the air," he said.

Just up the road, there's very little remaining of Tom Barger's shed. He and two other men were repairing fencing when the storm hit.

"It was a nice, warm day, and it started thundering and was getting black in the west," he said.

Barger and another man were knocked down to the ground as the shed they were in blew away. They held on to their surroundings to not blow away with it.

"We laid on our stomachs and held on to a metal gate. Before long, the building was gone," Barger said.

One of the men out in the field with him was taken to the hospital for an injured shoulder. Barger's house is still standing but the back of it was ripped off the structure. He and his family are without power.

Pike County Sheriff Paul Petty says most of the severe damage happened one mile west of Detroit, Illinois.

Sheriff Petty said the storm rolled into the area at approximately 2:47 p.m.

Pike County Sheriff's Department, Pike County EMS, East Pike Fire and Rescue and the Illinois Department of Transportation spent approximately 2 hours accessing the area in and around the east side of Pike County, Sheriff Petty said.

He reports that the storm struck near Martinsburg with damage to agriculture buildings and tree lines and then it continued east across County Hwy. #7 south of Pittsfield before crossing County Hwy. #8 west of Time and then appeared to do the most severe damage approximately 1 mile west of Detroit.

According to Sheriff Petty, minor injuries have been reported, but there is nothing serious in nature to this point.

Pike County's Emergency Management Agency said there were tornado sightings Thursday afternoon.

Now, the National Weather Service is trying to confirm those reports.