Picketers protest outside nursing home

Workers at a Camp Point nursing home plan to protest conditions of their residents this afternoon.

According to a press release from SEIU Healthcare Illinois & Indiana, picketers will line the street outside Timber Point Nursing Home to protest the owner and management's failure to provide adequate supplies and staffing levels to properly care for residents.

Workers cite torn bibs and shortages of towels and diapers as some of the issues. Picketers are also protesting their pay.

In response to the day's events, Timber Point Healthcare Center, LLC issued the following statement:

"We are unsure what the union¹s intentions and goals are that would have prompted the informational picketing. The fact is that there has not, as yet, been a single negotiating session between Timber Point and the union, nor has one even been scheduled, by agreement, as we must wait for the underlying master agreement to be finalized.

There have been no demands, no discussions nor requests. The only communication that has been received was a request to have a meeting regarding supplies. This was agreed to by administration. To date the union has not offered a time for this meeting.

Our facility has faithfully served Camp Point, Quincy and its surrounding communities for nearly 50 years. The very idea that supplies are not available, or the notion that any of the other, now published, complaints have any validity, is both laughable and an insult to the facility and its residents.

This action can only be viewed as an attempt, by the union, to stir up a pot, in advance of negotiations, where no such pot exists. We value the hard work and dedication of all our employees and look forward to negotiations when they can be scheduled to begin."


Adam Zanger, Administrator

Timber Point Healthcare Center, LLC