Phone scam alert

Identity theft is on the rise in the United States and this time it may be happening a little closer to home.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol met with multiple agencies Wednesday morning to discuss a number of issues related to identity theft in Northeast Missouri.

A recent scam brought to light by the MHP involves a scammer claiming that you need to change your driver's license number.

The caller, claiming they are from the license bureau, says in order to change it they need to obtain your Social Security number.

Identity thieves and scammers can use your Social Security number to obtain your personal information. This can include not only your name, contact information and address, but also access to your financial accounts.

According to

Security Technology News

, in 2010 alone, the

United States Federal Trade Commission

received more that 250,000 identity theft complaints.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol reminds you not to give out any personal information over the phone. Keeping close track of all your transactions on your credit card and bank accounts is also a way of detecting any possible identity theft.

If you feel that you have been the victim of this scam or identity theft, contact your local authorities or the

Missouri State Highway Patrol

at (660) 385-2132.