Philippines devastation hits home for Tri-State residents

The devastation in the Philippines has hit close to home for some Tri-State residents.

Keokuk native Craig Matous has been living in the Philippines for about 10 months.

He lives on the eastern part of the country, about 500 miles away from the devastation.

"It makes you sad when you see a body," Matous said. "It's sad. You see it on television--little children washed out to sea. There's no water. There's no food. Nothing. These people need some help bad."

Louisiana, Missouri resident Dahlia Dawson is originally from the Philippines.

Her province was one of the ones hardest hit in the Typhoon.

She said her family is ok, but has lost everything.

"I can't sleep," she said. "Emotionally, they're devastated because I know they're just things, but we just rebuilt the house, and it's back to zero. It's okay as long as you're fine."

Dawson said her family now is bracing for another storm headed their way.

This time, they have no shelter to take cover.

"There are people dying because of no water and food," Matous said "It's wiped out. Their economy got wiped out overnight."

Here are a few links if you are looking to help people overseas:

American Red Cross

Philippine Red Cross

Salvation Army



If you are looking for someone affected by the typhoon, try Google's Person Finder website here.