Pets in Joplin need help, too

The public outpour of support for the Joplin, Missouri tornado victims is ongoing.

As relief workers and supplies pour into Joplin Missouri, one group of relief workers are headed there not to help people, but to help our four legged friends.

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What happens when homes are demolished and pets are lost, missing and in need?

Sally Westerhoff is with the Quincy Humane Society and she says she got a call earlier this week to see if she would be available to come help and provide a crew to come along with her.

She says she'll be going as well as Jane Holt and her son Ted. They should be there for about a week helping take care of dogs and cats who were displaced after the tornado. "Setting up temporary shelters. Taking care of the animals that are in those shelters. You know helping with any medical needs for sick or injured animals. So at this point, have a team ready to go and we're just waiting on the phone call to go."

Westerhoff says when a major disaster strikes like a tornado or hurricane, the ASPCA brings in a couple of semi sized tractor trailers to provide basic needs such as food, shelter, medicine and water.

The ASPCA has posted a story here, helping people take action and join in their successful efforts ... so far more than 350 animals have been assisted!

We received a press release Monday from the the Humane Society of Missouri . They immediately sent a fifteen-member Disaster Response Team to Joplin, Mo. to rescue and shelter pets affected by the devastating tornado. The team consists of professionals trained in emergency animal rescue ... and shelter operations includes a veterinarian to care for sick and injured animals. At the time, monetary donations were encouraged. If you wish to make donations to assist animal rescue efforts, you can do so at .

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