Pesky mosquitoes already making an appearance

This warm damp weather makes great breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

So it's no surprise that this month's unseasonably warm weather is already bringing out the bugs.

Temperatures in the 80s have been common throughout the area over the past two weeks, bringing June-like weather to March.

One way to keep mosquitoes from breeding in your yard is to look for standing water.

"Take a look, if there's anything that's holding water, dump it out. Turn things upside down. Take a look at your gutters," Tony Dede with the Adams County Health Department said. "A lot of people still have leaves from last fall in their gutters and it's plugging up gutters and down spouts. That's a wonderful place for mosquitoes to breed."

If you're going outside, make sure to put on bug repellent.

Products containing deet typically provide reasonably long-lasting protection.