People pick up mallets for United Way fundraiser

From strikers to what's called a fuming stake, the game of croquet has lots of colorful terminology.

But it's a game that's easy to learn and a fun way to raise money for the United Way of Adams County.

The organization is adding a croquet match to its annual golf tournament here at Quincy Country Club coming up on September 9. Terry Myers is a croquet enthusiast and volunteer for the United Way. He says hitting the green with a mallet versus a club has a special appeal. Click here to find out why croquet was added to the annual golf tournament.

"We were trying to find something that would get more people in the community involved in our activities annually, said Myers. "Croquet gives people an opportunity to get people who do not participate in golf a chance to come out, meet people and give them a little competition."

Croquet is a simple game to learn and has just a few pieces - a mallet, ball, stake and wicket. Click here to watch KHQA's Melissa Shriver begin learning croquet on KHQA This Morning.

There's also the fun options to hit your competition out of range and to become poison - which eliminates players you strike. Click here to learn some of the rules from KHQA This Morning

What's the most important tip for new players?

"When you get ready to hit the ball, keep your eyes fixed on that ball, " said Myers. "Your ball will go where your mallet tells it to, not where your head looks."

No matter who comes away with a trophy during this battle of wills and mallets, it's the community who comes out on top. Click here to learn about that tournament and the play-offs to the top.

All money raised will go to United Way partner agencies to benefit children and families in the area.

Click here to find out how you can get involved with the new croquet tournament. You can log onto the United Way website at

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