Pencils Down: Supporters of cash bond issue turn in petitions

Volunteers have set up a drive-through sign-up tent at 12th and Washington. You may also find them knocking on your door.

The deadline has arrived for Quincy residents petitioning to get working cash bonds on the March ballot.

Area residents want a say in how the district goes about spending this money, so they've begun petitioning throughout the city. The group had 30 days to collect 3,500 signatures to put the issue on the ballot.

You'll remember we reported on December 13 that supporter needed hundreds more signatures before they would reach that number. Click here for that story.

Volunteers set up drive-through sign-up locations around the city and some even went door-to-door.

They handed in all of their petitions Friday ... now the signatures, addresses and other information on them will have to be verified.

Last month, the Quincy School Board voted to issue six-point-two million dollars in working cash bonds to help fund the district's deficit-reduction plan.

The working cash bonds would not raise property taxes.