Pedaling forward

Generations of Tri-State families picked out their first bike right here in Quincy.

Madison & Davis Bicycle Shop is now building a new and much larger store to accommodate the growing demand for bicycles and bicycle accessories.

"We've helped generations pick out bikes. In those 65 years we have grandpa coming in with a grandson. We had one grandpa who bought his children a bike when they were 8-years-old and has done it all through the generations," Owner Greg Davis said.

The full service bicycle shop brings back memories for many families who have come to Madison and Davis since 1947.

"40 years ago we bought a tandem bike here and enjoyed it very much and we've basically been riding most of our life. Our kids were young and they had bikes also and our youngest we had a baby seat for it on the back," Wayne Pond said. Pond and his wife stopped by the shop to drop off a bike for repairs.

The family store is expanding from its modest 1,500 square foot shop to an impressive 5,000 square foot store. The move won't damage any of the store's history, in fact, Davis hopes the new store will enhance it.

"If you look at the old building design, you'll see a lot of old bikes up in the windows. We'll have them labeled with lights on them and we will certainly celebrate the history of the bicycle there," Davis said.

The new store will have much more space to accommodate the local cyclist community including a social space for people to get together.

"We said, hey let's involve as many cyclists as we can in this project and make it truly a local project and one that will benefit those that are going to get the most out of it," Davis said.

Madison and Davis Bicycle shop won't lose it's small business charm in the move either. The antique bicycles that customers have brought in throughout the years will have 3,800 feet of display room.

Look for the grand opening of the new Madison and Davis Bicycle Shop this spring.