Pearl residents look for a safe way out of town

Rural Pearl, Illinois residents are concerned about their well being.

Due to a closed bridge in town, the south side of Pearl is difficult to access.

Residents can access the south side of town through a temporary road that goes through someone's property.

They said the road is a dangerous option. It is a temporary option until another option is decided on.

According to some of the residents, the only other option could take up to 20 minutes of travelling, depending on flooding in the area.

It's a very dangerous situation. Some residents were threatened that their fire insurance would be canceled because an emergency vehicle can't get to them to put out a fire.

According to Pike County Engineer Chris Johnson, the county is willing to help the Village of Pearl in finding an alternative route.

He said before this year's village elections, the village had a solution chosen that would lose the bridge entirely.

Johnson said a solution is in the village's hands at this point.