Payson elementary students burpee for a good cause

Student wait for the contest to start.

Many may remember two year-old Easton Zanger who passed away in December of 2012.

His memory lived on Thursday at Payson Elementary School, where students learned to pay it forward...through a burpee.

Students were racing the clock and each other to see who could do the most in just a short period of time.

But it wasn't just for P.E. class.

The burpee competition was a part of a giving back movement through QTown Crossfit.

After two year old Payson native Easton Zanger passed away, QTown owner Becky Bliefnick thought why not remember him in a special way.

"What better way to honor him than making up a work out and having the entry fee be a dollar and an ETO, which is Easton Time Out or a pay it forward," said Bliefnick.

The contest was for grades kindergarten through 6th grade.

Fourth grader Elliana Sunde thought the burpees were hard, but it was worth it.

"I felt good because we're doing it for a good cause," Sunde said.

Jairyn Hinthorne thinks it's important to help others and give back.

"It's important because they can't do it themselves, like they don't have enough money to do it, so we have to help them do that," Hinthorne said. "Everybody should try burpees because they're really fun and challenging."

The money raised from the contest goes towards a local family in need of financial medical assistance.

Students not only got a good work out, but a good dose of community service.

"Not only do I want kids up and moving, getting active and staying active for the rest of their lives, but how nice would it be that they feel that sense of value of giving back and doing stuff for others at such an early age," Bliefnick said.

QTown's Crossfit's chosen ETO will be donating money back to the school that has the highest number of burpee participants.

That money will go towards P.E. supplies.