Payson Ave. residents fear for their safety after stabbing

"I'd like to see more police officers patrolling, I mean you see them every once in a while, but not very often."

Johnny Shrake lives at 822 Payson Ave. in Quincy with his wife and son, but not for long.

It was after Alex Koehler was accused of attacking and eventually killing Robert Owens with a knife at 934 Payson Avenue earlier this month, that Shrake decided the street was no longer safe for his son, Johnny Jr.

"I mean he could have been the one gotten hurt, and it scares me and my wife both to death,â?? he said.

Taylor Riley was coming back after a day at the pool with her kids, shocked to hear of the news happening in her city.

"I don't remember anything bad happening like this, today's world is changing and changing fast,â?? Riley said.

She and her soon to be husband also fear for their kids' safety, saying, â??we don't ever go out front we have a fenced in backyard. When we go outside I go outside with them, when we leave the house they leave with me, I don't ever leave them without my supervision."

But does the perception of the 8th, 9th, and 10th block of Payson match reality?

"When a neighborhood experiences a tragedy like this it will create some safety concerns, the reality is, we haven't seen an increase in crime in this neighborhood,â?? Quincy Deputy Police Chief Doug Vandermaiden said.

Nevertheless, the stabbing earlier this month was frightening for anyone living on Payson Ave.

Even though the Shrakes will be moving, they hope to never see this happen again.

"Itâ??s going to end up being a child that's hurt rather than an old person, I mean we're not that small of a town, but it's getting shocking,â?? Shrake said.