Paw Pals: still meeting the need

Pets were the priority at the Paw Pals annual pet food drive Wednesday afternoon in the parking lot of the Y101 studios in Quincy.

This will be the last food drive for the group that has served the needs of pets and their owners in Quincy for more than a decade.

Earlier this year, Executive Director Jane Holt announced that Paw Pals would close its doors on May 1st of this year.

Holt says that most people are surprised at the number of pets that the pantry feeds each month.

"Most people have more than one pet. Our average has gone up now between 800 to a thousand animals a month that we are helping," Holt said.

Earlier this month Katherine Road Animal Hospital announced that it would take over the pantry services from Paw Pals when it closes its doors in May.