Park district prepares to open pools

The Quincy Park District pools will reopen this weekend.

After a cold winter, the feeling of jumping into a pool might just feel like heaven.

The Quincy Park District has spent the last weeks cleaning and readying its facilities to open this weekend.

Now that old man winter has decided to finally leave the Tri-States, it's time to take a dip into the pool.

After being closed for around eight months, plenty of cleaning needed to be done at Indian Mounds.

"We had to power wash the entire pool, put the umbrellas up, it's a pretty big chore in itself right there ," said Pool Manager Blake Bradley. " And we had to fill the pool, it takes about 21 hours to fill up, it's a long time."

Blake Bradley spent five years in the Navy, before making a return to Indian Mounds.

"The community and the comradery, it's just a really good family atmosphere here ," said Bradley. " You get to know the people you work with and it's a real treat."

This is the fourth summer Hilary Riley has spent lifeguarding. She enjoys getting to be around the families that continue to come back every year.

"I really like to see all the same kids who come back and grow up ," Riley said. "A nd they always do their tricks off the diving board and they get so excited when they come back and get to learn another one. And they always tease me because I can't do it . A nd it's always just fun watching them grow and watching new families and little kids come and enjoy and come back."

Both Bradley and Riley are glad they get to be a part of the community at Indian Mounds, once again.

"It was a lot of work but I think we're ready ," said Riley.

Indian Mounds will reopen this Saturday at 11am.

Wavering Pool will reopen at noon.