Pancake breakfast kicks off Catholic Schools Week

Failed pancake catch attempts lead to messy floors.

Families around Quincy gathered Sunday morning to kick off Catholic Schools Week with the flip of a pancake. Saint Peter's School held its second annual Pancake Breakfast, only this year, they had a special guest behind the griddle.

Chris Cakes of Saint Louis catered what was expected to be the most entertaining way to enjoy your pancakes. With a little syrup and a hint of coordination, families were able to catch their flapjacks and enjoy their meal.

"I think they are having fun. You hear a lot of laughing and a lot of talking and it hasn't been a quiet day," said event coordinator Christine Tracy.

Paul Werkowitch is the owner of Chris Cakes. His business has been featured on the Food Network. Although unorthodox, his methods deliver pancakes to a large sum of people very quickly.

"Oh, it's fun. Everybody has been great today. We have had a really good time today. People just have a blast and have been enjoying it. It's a nice town," said Werkowitch.

At the breakfast, his pancakes brought in the crowd to support one big group, the catholic school system. The event raised more than $2,000 for the grade school association and helped supplement the education at Saint Peter's.

In the end, putting a new meaning to catching your food, helped the education of the children in our community.