Palmyra woman pleads not guilty to stealing from charity

Ronda Oswalt

UPDATED: December 20 at 3:28 p.m.

Ronda Oswalt has a court appearance January 5th to set a trail date.

The trail was moved from Marion to Monroe County in court on Monday.

Oswalt faces three felony counts for stealing between five hundred and twenty thousand dollars from Blue Ryno.

Oswalt's attorney says her accusers were not fully involved in the charity's operations.


A Palmyra woman accused of stealing from a charity could face seven years in prison.

But, Ronda Oswalt pleaded not guilty to stealing from the Blue Ryno Foundation.

She was arraigned in Marion County Circuit Court on Monday.

Prosecutors say Oswalt wrote checks to her daughter's lawyers, her own boyfriend, and to herself from a Blue Ryno bank account.

She's accused of stealing between five hundred and 25 thousand dollars.

Her next court appearance is December 19th.