Palmyra teacher deployed to Afghanistan

Chorus sings "America the Beautiful" / Photo by: Chad Douglas

Honor, respect, and dignity are all great qualities of a U.S. Serviceman or woman.

They are also great qualities to have for a teacher.

Palmyra High School has both.

Teacher Bruce Farabee also serves our country in the Navy Reserves, and this summer he's off to Afghanistan.

This is the last time Bruce Farabee will be in his classroom in Palmyra for at least 420 days. He tells KHQA he's always made sure his students know he has a life outside of the classroom. They know he's in the Navy Reserves, they know he's also a part time deputy sheriff for Ralls County, and they know he has a wife and daughter. But now for the first time they see his life outside the classroom has affected their classroom.

"I have really found out today the meaning of the word bittersweet. I've been feeling highs and lows all day," says Farabee.

The high school wanted to send Farabee off in style, so it held an assembly for him.

There was music, songs, and some tears. Everyone here is proud of Mr. Farabee.

"Mr. Farabee is a big part of what we do. He's our spanish teacher. The kids and staff really enjoy him," says principal Kevin Hillman.

Farabee doesn't leave for Afghanistan until summer, but by the end of the weekend, he'll fly out to begin training. While in Afghanistan, he'll work in Informations Operations. He tells me there is a small possibility of seeing combat, but he says in that country, you have to be concerned about terrorist strikes.

"He may get the opportunity to come back and visit a couple of days at the end of school, but that's not for sure," says Hillman.

Farabee was also deployed two years ago, but never left the states. This go around, he'll do the job he signed up to do, and in 420 days, The school should welcome Farabee home in style just like it's sending him off.

High school principal Kevin Hillman says they've worked out a deal where Mr. Farabee can keep in touch with friends and family back home via the internet.