Palmyra Spectator gets recognized

Owners of the Palmyra Spectator, Mark and Patty Cheffey were presented with a House Resolution honoring the paper.

When Mark and Patty Cheffey were told to be at Palmyra City Hall to report on a presentation, they grabbed their camera and went. But what they got when they arrived isn't something they saw coming.

"I had no idea what the presentation was for but I was ready to take a picture of it when they mentions it was the Palmyra Spectator and it completely caught us by surprise," said Mike.

"It was a complete shock and you know it was a great feeling but like I said totally unexpected," said Patty.

The Cheffey's own the Palmyra Spectator and were recognized as the oldest continuously published weekly newspaper in Missouri. They were presented with a House Resolution honoring the paper for its years of service in the community.

"We try really hard to do exactly what the resolutions says to keep the editorial separate from the news," said Patty. "That's our main goal every week and I feel like we do a really good job with that so to have someone outside recognize that it just felt really good."

The weekly paper was found in 1839 by Jacob Sosey. The Cheffey's are only the third family to own and run it.

"It went through three generations of Sosey's and then Lee and Beverly Keck owned it for many years and then we bought it from them November of '94 and have been here ever since," said Mark.

Currently the paper has four full time employees including the Cheffey's and that hasn't stopped them from covering all the news around town. But when you ask them who's really to thank for keeping the Spectator going they say it's the community.

"I think they defintely deserve a lot of the credit because our readers and our advertisers have been extremly faithful over all of the years its been in existance and to the current time," said Mark.