Palmyra gets new fire truck

Photo Credit: Photo by: Chad Douglas

It's been a two year long process, but the Palmyra Fire Department finally has a new truck.

It's a brand new tender truck...some may call it a tanker truck.

It replaces a 1974 converted propane truck that didn't even have seat belts.

The total cost was $210,000.

$200,000 of it came from a Homeland Security grant.

The city and the rural board both chipped in $5,000 to finish up the cost.

We asked the fire chief what a truck like this means to the community.

"Now we can show up with 4000 gallons of water when we get called to a fire. We have no hydrants in the country, so we have to haul all of water. It's a lot safer for everybody. It has seat belts," says Chief Gary Crane.

The fire department also kept a long standing tradition alive with the new truck.

Back when fire departments used horses to pull their firefighting wagons, the firefighters would have to push the wagon back into the garage because the horse couldn't.

So all the volunteer firefighters pushed the new truck back into the garage.