Owner looks to sell Quincy Raceways

Quincy Raceways

On Sunday nights during the summer you'll find plenty of action at the Quincy Raceways.

The dirt track has been around for almost four decades. But now t
he current owner said
he's looking at selling the property.

He's hoping a new owner will keep the Broadway bull-ring up and running.

The race track has seen its share of white-knuckle racing, hot-shot drivers and fans who love the Sunday night.

"You know our fan base has been good, it's been solid. For the past several years, especially the last two years it's grown. Our drivers, you know, there's interest, we get a good crowd in here on Sunday night and you know our fan base and our numbers will show that," co-owner of Quincy Raceways Paul Holtschlag said.

Jeff Carter has been a race car crew chief for various cars at the raceway for about 30 years. He's seen the stands full of fans and he's seen the opposite. Carter thinks there are people who want to make sure the track stays open. He was a little surprised by the announcement.

"I mean it's a shock, yes. But I think somebody is going to pick it up. Somebody is going to lease or buy it, one of the two. Because that track is too good to go away," Carter said.

Holtschlag said the track draws regular drivers from about a 90 mile radius. Since the track went to UMP racing it draws more drivers for the Sunday night series. He hopes that making the announcement mid-season will allow interested buyers to make an offer that will see fans at the track next season.

Holtschlag also said he would entertain the idea of leasing the venue.

His asking price on a lease option would be $36,000 a year and that includes property taxes.