Oshea's Bar and Grill getting ready for grand re-opening

Four and half months after a fire destroyed Oshea's , they are getting ready to reopen!

A February fire destroyed a popular Quincy bar and grill.

Four and half months later


is getting ready to reopen its doors.

And for co-owner Stan Whelan it's none too soon.

The look on the face of Oshea's co-owner Stan Whelan says it all.

"At that time back when the fire did happen we really didn't know exactly what to think there for the first week or so," Whelan said. "But then after me and Ted Whemhaner, my partner got to talking about it and thinking about it, we decided to go ahead and get it fixed up and go forward. That last four and a half months has been pretty stressful to be honest with you. But its all come out good though."

Good indeed.

After a lot of hard work the newly remodeled Oshea's is just days from opening.

Customers will find extra seating, a much larger kitchen, with a new grill and fryer, that will help get food out much faster.

The size of the beer garden has also been changed to make space for a new gaming area.

But there are still some parts of the old


that survived the fire including the main bar and this back bar that dates to the 1930s.

The one things that's missing from the new Oshea's is the customers and Stan says he is really excited to see those familiar faces coming through the door once again.

"My Lord, we've had numerous calls, numerous questions, "when you gonna reopen Stan, when you gonna reopen?" and uh, " give us time, give us time." It's gonna be very satisfying to see all their faces and uh yeah, it's gonna be great," Whelan said.

The sadness on Stan's face in February has been replaced with a great big smile as opening day gets closer. And he has this final message for all of his customers old and new.

"I just want to thank everybody for their patience and we'll see you July 1st."