Organization holds first ever workcamp for students in Beardstown, IL

Organization holds first ever workcamp for students in Beardstown, IL

More than 50 students are participating in the first ever workcamp in Beardstown, Illinois.

"We go out into the community and serve residents at no cost to them. The students pay to come to camp and that money goes for the materials," said Director Marc Therrien.

Six families are having their homes worked on right now by junior high and high school students from across the Tri-States.

"We have three paint sights, we have a ramp sight, a roof, and we're doing some sighting. Our tag line is that we try to help our residents be warmer, safer, and dryer," explains Therrien.

Every day the students group up and work at the different sights.

These projects not only help the homeowners, they aim to shape the future of all of those involved.

"Our goal is that our students, when they come to camp and they leave, they'll have grown a little bit closer in their faith by getting out into the community and serving. They see that service aspect of the faith and they take it home with them," said Therrien.

Two campers, Madison Ingold and Gage Jording, tell KHQA why they joined workcamp.

"I just thought it would be a good experience. For one, you get to learn about building and construction and you get to help others as well. I can use this in my future if I want to come to workcamp again or just around my home or my community," said Madison.
"I wanted to help people if they needed help. I think it has brought me closer to God in every way that I could and we still have more to come," said Gage.

The non-profit organization running the workcamp is based in New Hampshire.

Students from all over the country usually head to the east coast to experience these camps.

Therrien explains why workcamp came to Beardstown.

"We had a group come from Illinois out to the east coast. This particular group from Beardstown, Illinois - they asked us if we could maybe bring it back here to Beardstown."

Workcamp officials hope to make it to Beardstown again in the future.

If you would like this organization to set up a workcamp in your town visit

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