Open up the record book

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon meets with Northeast Missouri Farmers to talk about the extreme drought.

Unlike the Olympic records that millions watch to be broken, the record breaking year for the Midwest has left no one cheering.

Persistently warm weather has had hold of the eastern three-quarters of the country in the year 2012, including right here in the Tri-States.

In fact, through July 30th, this year has been the warmest start to a calendar year on record at St.Louis, Mo., Columbia, Mo. and the second warmest ever in Quincy, Ill. Both St.Louis and Columbia have beaten the all-time warmest average record from 1921, while Quincy has just a degree to go in order to do the same.

If that is not enough to make you wish to be looking at Russia from Sarah Palin's deck, then check out these numbers.

Quincy has hit 105 degrees four times so far this year, putting us in 4th place tied with 1930 (the first year of the Dust Bowl.) Head to St.Louis where the 105 degree mark has been reached an all-time record 11 times and we have just started August.

Dial the high down a bit to 100 and Quincy has seen that visitor a total of 14 times (as of Aug. 1) which puts us in the record books at number eight just two days behind 1930.

See the National Weather Service Record Book here.

No matter how you say it ... it has been and is still hot in the Heartland of America, now we enter the "Dog Days of Summer" with hopes of rain and a long enjoyable fall.