One's garbage becomes another's treasure

Photo Credit: Photo by Justen Arnold

Joy and spirit of the holiday's could be felt at the old County Market today, thanks to the plentiful Tri-state community.

Unity Church of Quincy is calling it's first ever Abundance Exchange a success!

All day yesterday people dropped off all sorts of items from Christmas decorations to clothing to TV's to furniture.

Today 500 adults and children came back to browse through those items.

It was a first come first serve basis with people lining up as early as 6:15 this morning.

Adults could fill two bags full of items and carry out one large item...for free, each child was given one large sack.

Organizers wanted it to be an opportunity for people to reach out and help others by getting rid of stuff they don't need, but somebody else might.

"It was a wonderful day. A lot of people where very grateful for all the things they were able to get. One lady especially was a grandmother of 5 and so she was very grateful to be able to come here today and pick up things for her grand kids, because Christmas was going to be kind of slim," said Monica Thompson, co-organizer for the event.

Almost every item was taken.

The little that is left, will go to the Salvation Army.