One Tri-State school is benefiting from new A/C

Heading back to school can be a hassle for some kids.

When there is no air conditioning, heat can make school very uncomfortable. This was the case for Western Barry Elementary School in Barry, Illinois.

"Little kids would just get wet and they would be hot and tired and very uncomfortable," Interim Superintendent Terry Robertson said.

The school had cooling systems, but they haven't been working properly. Students had to be dismissed early at times when temperatures in the school got too hot.

"I think it impacts potential safety issues when parents are all working now and you have to send somebody home and you have to worry about are they going to be able to get in and you have extra precautions you have to take," Robertson said.

But the school says that won TMt happen anymore, thanks in part to a new air conditioning system.

"By virtues of this county facilities tax which will really help with upgrades to this heating and ventilation, we were able to replace the units this year and we now have functioning air conditioning in every building and every class, Robertson said.

Maria Herman is a third grade teacher at the elementary school and says the A/C has made a huge difference, saying "when it's cooler in the room, it's a better learning environment for them."

Herman also said the air conditioners benefit the teachers as well.

"I think that it makes it easier for me because the students are more engaged, and if they stay focused there's less pressure on me and they're also staying in the room more for instruction," Herman said.

Barry Elementary is just about finished with their first week of classes. Robertson says the new A/C units are still running smoothly.