One solution for texting and driving

It's safe to say, texting is not going away so we have to find ways to use it safely.

One Seattle father thinks he has a way to make it safer in the car.

He's developed an app that stops the need to respond to texts and phone calls while you're in a car.

It's called Otter, and stands for One Touch Text Response.

Erik Wood developed the idea after his then three year old daughter was almost run over by a car where the driver was texting and driving.

Otter silences all chimes, ringtones and buzzes when the user's vehicle exceeds ten miles per hour and sends incoming texts a customizable auto reply.

Erik Wood says, "To really truly change a driver and make them sustainably a safer driver, I think you need to enter the texting culture and provide them a tool, give them a reason not to text and drive. Keep them connected to their social media network, but just say this isn't the time to do it because it's unsafe."

The app is available on Android and Blackberry smart phones for a one time fee of $4.99.

It's not yet available for the iphone because of software issues with Apple.

You can watch the full Skype interview with developer Erik Wood on the KHQA TV channel of You Tube.

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